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Some years back,  She was diagnosed with a serious health condition.  She lost her sight but not Her artistic vision. Through her art, She hopes to convey a larger message.  To us, Her work is a reflection of a woman who overcame a seemingly impossible challenge. 

Virginie Pauillac is a self-taught contemporary artist raised in Parentis en Born, a small town in the South of France who lived for 7 years in Guadalajara (México) and currently resides in between Baja California and San Diego with her family. After a Master in Management (at ESCP Europe in Paris) and apart from a career in management and marketing, She returned to what she always loved to do since she was a little girl: painting.

"I have been painting for my whole life and doing works for others not as a business. When I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis after I completely lost and recovered vision from my right eye, was when I thought it was now or never, and decided to make a living from my passion."


The first artwork She ever sold…

 It was "Inle Lake" an oil on canvas,  24"x24" during my very first solo exhibition "Myanmar magique" in December 2013 in San Diego. At that time it only was a hobby and a friend and my husband  pushed me to exhibit my art. I painted an oil on canvas serie based on my travel to Myanmar. It was magical. A friend came just for her son to meet my son at the exhibition and she had a crush on that painting and bought it before the doors were opening. That night I sold 10 out of the 15 paintings exhibited!!!!

The work I am most proud of is…

 "Voiles et marées" (sail and tide) an acrylic on canvas 48" x 48" painting from 2016. I work a lot on how movement can be represented on my paintings and how the public can really feel it. By the comments I received especially from professional and occasional sailers I succeeded. Actually a sailer bought it for his home.


I remember the most surprising comment about my work was…

 "Do you consider you an artist or a fashion designer? " I make silk scarves from my paintings which I feel like a logical continuity in my work. Since I am a kid I used to design my clothe and my grand-mother was sewing them. At the same time I was drawing or painting every day. I believe an artist cannot be reduced or categorized to only one art representation. I paint, draw, sew, design clothe, scarves, do some ceramics and want to start designing furniture and home accessories. My painting style changes depending on the subject I am painting it is all about my inspiration and feelings and what I want the public to feel when they see my art. I want to do everything I can. It is as if you asked Picasso if he was a cubist, a fauvist, an abstract painter , a sculptor...He was just an artist who expressed himself how he was feeling it at that moment.



She turns criticism into an inspiration..

I am actually my worse critic. I often completely or partially gesso my paintings to start over.

 A work is considered finish when..

I feel it. I mean, you always can keep adding and adding something. I am never fully satisfied with my work. When I see one of my paintings months or years later I always think I should / I would have done it brighter or less bright , bigger or smaller, added this or that, it is a never ending story but usually you have a deadline or simply have to stop at some point when you feel satisfied enough to show it to someone else. My husband is a tough critic and at the same time a fan of my work I always show him my almost finish artworks and listen to his comments especially about horses anatomy.



My next project is..

A solo exhibition at Finca la Divina organized by Chef Javier Plascencia in Valle de Guadalupe , Baja California, México. Opening will be in January 2018.

 An artist should be..

Free to express anything in any way he/she feels it.

I want my work to be remembered as..

A part of who I am. I am always sharing and painting about what I like : horses, sailing, worldwide traditions and cultures. Once a friend told me her 8 yo daughter saw my website and told her " It is like she is telling a story in each of her painting!" I never thought of my work that way but I think that was a great compliment.

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