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Last week, we agreed to meet for dinner -- A friend and a confidant of mine, Maricar Tuazon. I consider her as one of the few people I know- the go-to for certain conversations. There was no glaring inconsistency when I said to her,  “Last night I had a nightmare that I lost my  most favorite rattan handbag" and its a handbag that I bought mostly out of curiosity.    

Few months ago, She made a life changing decision. I was excited when I learned that she will be launching her own brand and I asked her "Why Purse?"  

"I created my brand, around just one product-- the handbag. Most women feel naked without their handbag and I can call it as a daily partner, a sentimental object" She answered clearly and confidently. 

What was your inspiration for the latest collection?

Im not the typical one who would go to a museum or art gallery to find inspirations.  Im observant of my surroundings.  Organic events always do some magic for me. It's very natural to see the faces and movement of people walking down the street. There are times I would just go to a cafeteria or train station to find inspiration. 

With my latest collection, I want them soft in terms of aesthetic details, looking effortlessly chic and not trying too hard as a result. 

What kind of woman do you see buying your pieces?

A woman who is career oriented, sophisticated and confident. We find her capacity to be strong, yet open and vulnerable.

When i made my first collection, the “Sentimental Handbags”, it wasnt just about doing business, its much more of engaging with the women in a way I would like my pieces to have a significant effect on their self-esteem and confidence.

Setting yourself apart in the industry.

Our  focus is on creating luxury pieces with intrinsic value. Maricar Tuazon is an accessible luxury brand. We would like to maintain a perfect and delicate balance in terms of pricing, quality and availability. 

I want the price and quality to be the motivations of my audience to have my pieces. Accessible luxury and innovative pricing structure is what we intend to do.

How important is quality to you in a time where many people prefer quantity?

Maricar Tuazon as a new creative hub for women’s fashion accessories aims to produce an “Accessible Luxury”. Making collections of Pieces that are made with quality materials and high level of craftsmanship.  Luxury products are not just about their prices alone but mostly about the quality of the item-That  refers to the constituent materials used in making the product, the finesse and extent of the craftsmanship involved.

I always favor quality over quantity. As a start up brand, I think its necessary to be able to identify the difference between becoming knowable and TRUSTABLE, establishing a reputation for quality is the crucial part in building a long term relationship with your audience.





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